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Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology is the main research focus of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology. Micro- and nanoparticles are under investigation as drug vehicles for oligonucleotides, peptides and proteins. Potential applications for these vehicles are modified release formulations which will be administered by inhalation to the lung, or via the parenteral route. Currently, this research topic is expanded to siRNA as well as to biopharmaceutics which aim at modified release formulations for oral liquids of anti-inflammatory drugs as well as for biosimilar products. The department offers a wide range of production technologies for pharmaceutical nanomaterials, solid and liquid drug formulations. Also analytical methods can be provided to characterize drug formulations as well as other services such as consulting in terms of line extension strategies for generic drugs. Further, our in-house cell culture facility has been expanded recently. Now state of the art in vitro characterisation of colloids and new drugs can be offered such as CaCo2 cells or Franz-Cell-permeation studies.

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